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International Business Machines (IBM)


Team Lead, Developer, Agile Coach


This release was focused on recreating a suite of sunsetting legacy application on a new platform, rebuilding the application from the ground up.  Our team created a set of modular code components to integrate with the selected platform.  My responsibilities consisted of both development and architecture, working closely with another project member to design the solution, implement the components, and iteratively improve it.  Additionally, the project was used to transition the team from a waterfall to agile workflow, during which I functioned as an agile coach and consultant to ensure a smooth transition. 

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Project Team 09

Team Lead, Developer


I initially onboarded to this team on a behind-schedule project, and was able to return the project to an on-schedule release.  I analyzed and coded solutions to 9 identified OWASP security defects, as well as 3 additional functional improvements.

For the second release, I took on the role of Team Lead for a second security release.  This required delegation and monitoring of tasks, document management for client-facing deliverables, facilitating meetings, and onboarding support for two new project hires.  In addition, I supported development with analysis and coding solutions for 5 OWASP security defects, and help-desk ticket support.

The third release was targeted at repairing observed production defects.  Technical tasks included analysis and deconstruction of regular expressions created by a former coworker to identify and remove at-risk code.  Leadership tasks consisted of creating and formally presenting findings and guidance documents to a technical leadership panel, consisting of multiple other project teams.

The fourth release revisited application security, this time targeting all remaining high-severity vulnerabilities.  The initial project plan was for 2 developers to complete the work over 3 weeks.  The project experienced 40% scope creep and a 40% reduction to available resources, with just a moderate 20% increase to schedule.  As the primary developer I was able to bring the work to completion on-schedule, tackling 15 of the 18 assigned tasks independently.

Project Team 10

Team Lead, Developer

The first release was tackled as a Team Lead, with the responsibility of meeting the scheduled release date for a behind-schedule project.  This required both delegation and monitoring of tasks, as well as document management for client-facing deliverables.  As a developer, I analyzed and coded solutions for 7 OWASP security defects.

The second release covered a small development effort of analyzing and coding solutions for 2 OWASP security defects, as well as a larger gap analysis effort for testing documentation.

The third release prioritized a Struts 1 to Struts 2 framework migration, as well as implementing code fixes for many "false positive" findings to address static code scan requirements.  My contributions spanned a number of different of struts migration tasks as well as secure coding fixes.  I also provided direct support and leadership for two junior developers on-site.

Project Team 16


I initially onboarded to this project as a relief resource for two offboarding senior developers.  Responsibilities included adding new features as well as revising existing ones, and assuring section 508 compliance across a suite of eight applications.  By the end of the release, I was identified by management as a point of contact for the application suite regarding Section 508 compliance.

The second release covered a major application upgrade to institute a public user login and supporting set of web pages to allow users to maintain and monitor their submissions.  This required the creation of three additional user roles, more than doubling the application page count, and implementing secure database read/write capabilities.

The third release covered both Section 508 and Security defects in a small application maintenance release.

The fourth release was an emergency release to to address a newly discovered application defect impacting current client functionality.  This defect required changes to the address geocoding, validation services, and mapping processes.

Project Team 20


The first release covered application maintenance and a web application migration from Oracle OC4J to Weblogic 12c, and Java 5 to Java 8, along with a simultaneous server upgrade from RHEL 5 to RHEL 7.

The second release involved a Oracle OC4J to Weblogic 12c migration and RHEL 5 to RHEL 7 server upgrade for an additional application.

Project Team 26

Technical Analyst

This release required working directly with the client to provide a developer perspective on technical resource management process.  This input covered unification across multiple business units, bundling of resources, and efficiency concerns.  I was put in charge of a task to support an external client site with adopting the new procedures and practices.  Additionally, I was directly responsible for analysis of approximately 2500 software packages to determine their current licensing and state of ongoing support.

Project Team 45

Team Lead, Developer, Product Specialist


This release required leading a team of two senior developers in incorporating PIV Smart Card and WebSeal Single Sign On technologies into 7 existing web applications.  In addition to development, this required Configuration Management responsibilities for release delivery, collaboration with multiple teams, and operating as a senior reference for application functionality on all 7 applications.  I onboarded to this project behind-schedule, and drove the effort for on-time delivery.  At the conclusion of this release, I supported onboarding for two additional developers, continuing the product specialist role part-time during my transition to other teams.

Security Team

Team Lead


This project consisted of designing and maintaining a SharePoint Wiki and Body of Knowledge, covering HPE Fortify and Security topics for developers.  This required me to create 10 distinct Wiki pages and a 17-page user guide, as well as becoming a point of contact for approximately 30 active teams for Security Wiki support.

Personal Projects

Comcast Business Plan


Created a report for Comcast, detailing business strategy for expansion into a foreign country.  This plan covered topics in competitor, country and market analysis, entry strategy, estimated income statement, and SWOT matrix, TOWS matrix, and balanced scorecard generation.

mSQL to ICE compiler


Developed two versions of a compiler that compiles a SQL subset into a C subset, using Java as the base coding language.  The system includes a tokenizer, parser, and interpreter built from scratch, using the provided language grammars as a reference.  The first version of this compiler used an iterative approach to identify explicit grammatical patterns, while the second version used an object- oriented approach using a grammatical tree structure to identify generic grammatical patterns.

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